Why Honda

Why Honda

Since its inception, the Lotus Elise has been crying out for more power to do justice to its fantastic chassis. Now, imagine taking the best production chassis in the world and pairing it with the best production 4-cylinder engine in the world.

The Honda i-VTEC is the cutting edge of engine technology. It's the engine the Elise should have been built with, 232 BHP and 160 lb/ft of torque (when fitted with MSC manifold and remap) all with the reliability of the Honda engine.

This superb engine transforms the performance of the Elise into a true Supercar. Mated with the Honda 6 speed close ratio gearbox, the performance is simply breath taking.

This combination gives your Lotus true supercar performance; with 0-60 reached in around 4 seconds and 0-100 in less than 9.5 seconds! It will pull over 1.0g in acceleration alone! These figures are for the 220 BHP cars; the supercharged version is even quicker!!

With 232BHP normally aspirated and well over 300BHP supercharged, add this to the reliability of the Honda engine and gearbox and Lotus' superb handling abilities, it means you can drive your car to the track, put on your race suit, leave everything standing, and then use it for the next day's commute to work!

Four years in design, development and testing, and using our experience gained from racing these cars, has resulted in our Honda engine conversion being the best and most reliable available.

Servicing is inexpensive and available anywhere in the world. Service intervals will vary according to the amount of track use but 10,000 miles is reasonable for road use. For more information & pricing on a Honda Elise service, please visit Lotus Servicing

All parts supplied and fitted in the conversion carry a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty for use on the road.

Our Honda engine conversion is suitable for all versions of the Lotus Elise S1, Elise S2, 111s, Exige S1, Elise Sport 160/190 and 340R.

Maidstone Sports Cars can now also carry out the Honda engine conversion on the Toyota engine cars; The Lotus Elise 111R, Exige S2 and Lotus 211.

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Lotus Elise/Exige with the worlds best 4 cylinder engine

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