Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to cut any bodywork to make the engine fit?

NO. The kit is designed without the need for any body modifications.

Is the chassis or sub-frame modified?

NO. Unlike some others, in our kit the chassis and sub-frame are NOT modified.

We also do not "chop" any wiring as you get a complete new engine loom not a "cut & spliced" concoction.

Is the conversion reversible?

YES. The conversion is 100% reversible.

Can I use the same wheels?

YES. The Lotus hubs, brakes and wheels are retained.

Is the handling affected?

NO. The Honda engine is slightly smaller than the Rover 'K' series so it can be mounted a little lower within the chassis thus lowering the centre of gravity.

What about the weight?

On average a normally aspirated conversion will add less than 15KG to the weight of your car in total (which equates to less than 2% or ½ tank of fuel) and remember the power to weight ratio increases from 160 bhp per tonne to over 300 bhp per tonne normally aspirated and well over 400 bhp per tonne Supercharged.

Is it easy to maintain?

YES. The main service items are in fact easier to reach with the Honda installation and with no cambelts to worry about!

And service intervals are extended with fewer parts to change too.

Will it be reliable?

YES. The Honda engine is renowned for its reliability, whereas the 'K' series is renowned for its fragility. Our conversion is manufactured to the highest standards using well designed quality materials. We have collectively converted over 285 cars to date for road, track and race. The MSC Honda conversion is also the kit of choice for racing with an outstanding race pedigree.

Our cars have always been incredibly reliable both on the road and track.

What about insurance?

CCI, Footman James, Autotorque and Privilege are all offering competitive policies for the Honda Powered Lotus variants. We even have several customers that had cheaper quotes than on standard cars with a few upgrades.

What happens to the original engine & box?

The original K-series engine & box are yours to take away. We can also store and sell the unit on your behalf if you so wish.

Will I lose the boot?

NO. The boot and engine bay in the Elise remains untouched, as does the rest of the car. The conversion is 100% reversible.

What sort of performance can I expect?

Our demo car (1999 S1 Elise N/a Honda with 232bhp) achieved the following performance figures using an AP-22 .

0-60mph in 4secs

0-100mph in 9.4s

Top Speed 160mph

What Warranty will I get?

Maidstone Sports Cars offers a 3 month road use only unlimited mileage warranty on the engine & gearbox assembly, as well as a 12 month road use only warranty on all other conversion parts fitted by Maidstone Sports Cars. For more warranty details, see Warranty

Will I need to upgrade my brakes & suspension?

For road use, probably not.However better brakes are always a good thing. For track use, uprated brakes should be strongly considered. Suspension upgrades are subjective and depend entirely on personal preference.

Will it pass an MOT emissions test?

YES. All the conversions are MOT compliant as long as the catalytic converter is fitted.

Do I need to get the car examined by the DVLA?

NO. Under the DVLA's 'Radically Altered Vehicle' system, the converted cars score 5 which means the car keeps its original identity. A score of 8 means the vehicle must be examined and re-registered under a Q-plate. You should, however, notify the DVLA of the change in engine number on the V5 'Log-Book'.

How can I arrange a test drive?

Simply call Maidstone Sports Cars.

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