Honda K20A i-VTEC Engine And Gearbox Specifications

A Euro specification K20A2 i-VTEC typically produces around 232bhp @ 7950rpm and 210Nm (157ft/lb) torque @ 4750rpm.(when fitted with MSC induction kit,exhaust manifold and remap)

With a close-ratio 6-speed gear box, the massive improvements with this transplant are not confined to the engine alone, but a combination that will turn your Lotus Elise/Exige into an awesome driving experience!


Normally Aspirated Honda K20A2 in Lotus Elise S1

Supercharged Honda K20A2 in Lotus Exige S1

Gear Ratios UK- Euro Spec. K20A2 i-VTEC Type R trans: Final drive: 4.764:1 No LSD

Weight Distribution Pre-Honda conversion (KG)

Total Curb weight 719.0 KG

Weights Distribution Post-Honda conversion(KG)

The Actual weight distribution is exactly the same.

The weights above were taken straight after conversion, they are not optimised.

These weights were done before and after the conversion on Longacre corner weighting scales.

They were both done with a drained fuel tank and excludes soft top and hardware.

So as you can see there is LESS than a 15 kg difference.

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